Rapid immunochromatographic tests

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rapid malaria test / Plasmodium / LDH / blood
rapid malaria test

OptiMAL-IT Malaria Test Kit Differentiates between Plasmodium falciparum and other Plasmodium species Accurate Result within 20 Minutes Monitors the Efficacy of Patient TreatmentOptiMAL-IT is a rapid, ...

gastrointestinal infection rapid diagnostic test / adenovirus / rotavirus / stool
gastrointestinal infection rapid diagnostic test
C-1004, C-1082

Rapid diagnostic test for in vitro detection of Rotavirus & Adenovirus in stool specimens.

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Coris BioConcept
rapid infectious disease test / rotavirus / adenovirus / feces
rapid infectious disease test
Biorapid Rota/Adeno

Biorapid Rota/AdenoOne step immunochromatographic test for the detection of rotavirus and adenovirus antigen from fecal samples

rapid gastrointestinal infection test / rotavirus / stool / immunochromatographic
rapid gastrointestinal infection test

Stick Rotavirus / Simple Rotavirus One-step immunochromatographic test for the detection of rotavirus in stool samples.Rotaviruses are one of the main causes of acute gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis ...

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Operon S.A.
rapid hepatitis A test / HAV / IgG / IgM
rapid hepatitis A test

One Step Hepatitis A Virus Antibody test SD BIOLINE HAV IgG/IgM rapid test is a solid phase immunochromatographic assay for the rapid, qualitative and ...

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Standard Diagnostics
rapid Listeria monocytogenes test / for listeriosis / stool / lateral flow
rapid Listeria monocytogenes test

The Biomerica Listeria monocytogenes test is a lateral flow immunoassay for the rapid determination of the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in human stool samples. The test ...

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rapid cardiovascular disease test / cardiac troponin I / blood / immunochromatographic
rapid cardiovascular disease test

A Rapid Diagnostic Test for Determination of Elevated Cardiac Troponin I (cTnI) Levels in Blood The RAMP® Cardiac Troponin I test is an accurate, quantitative and rapid ...

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Response Biomedical Corporation
rapid Chlamydia test / Chlamydia trachomatis / cervical secretion / immunochromatographic
rapid Chlamydia test

... Chlamydia offers high sensitivity and specificity in all patient populations. The rapid Chlamydia test is easy to perform and interpret.

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coronavirus rapid diagnostic test / for infectious diseases / IgG / IgM
coronavirus rapid diagnostic test

Coronavirus Disease 2019 Antibody IgM/IgG Combined Test Kit

rapid cardiovascular disease test / CRP / myoglobin / BNP
rapid cardiovascular disease test

... one step test cassette • h-FABP one step test cassette • D-Dimer one step test cassette • NT-proBNP one stop test cassette • hs-CRP one step test cassette • PCT ...

rapid infectious disease test / rotavirus / adenovirus / feces
rapid infectious disease test

... Rotavirus/Adenovirus Ag Rapydtest® is a lateral flow immunoassay for the qualitative detection and differentiation of rotavirus and adenovirus antigens in faecal specimens. This device is intended to be used as a screening ...

oncology rapid test / for hematology / serum / lateral flow
oncology rapid test

... ratio of Κ/λ FLC. Seralite® – FLC* is a rapid lateral flow test for the quantitative measurement of kappa (K) and lambda (λ) immunoglobulin free light chains (FLCs) in serum. The ...

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Abingdon Health Ltd.
respiratory disease rapid diagnostic test / adenovirus / nasal / immunochromatographic
respiratory disease rapid diagnostic test

Quick dEtection in cases of presumptive infection by Adenovirus Disease: various respiratory illnesses Transfer of infection: droplet infection, contamined food, fecal-oral route, direct contact Riskgroups: children Incubation period: 5-8 ...

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VIDIA s.r.o
rapid syphilis test / Treponema pallidum / IgG / IgM
rapid syphilis test

A Rapid test for the diagnosis of syphilis to detect antibodies (IgG, IgA and IgM) to Treponema palladium (TP) qualitative in serum or plasma. It is for professional invitro diagnostic use only. The ...

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Nectar Lifesciences
rapid infectious disease test / Streptococcus A / throat / lateral flow
rapid infectious disease test

... Description: The Areta Strep A Rapid Test Strip is a qualitative, lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of Strep A ohydrate antigen in a throat swab. In this test, ...

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Easy Healthcare
rapid fecal occult blood test / hemoglobin / stool / immunochromatographic
rapid fecal occult blood test

Fecal Occult Blood is used to detect qualitatively the human hemoglobin in human stool samples.

rapid myocardial infarction test / creatine kinase / serum / plasma
rapid myocardial infarction test

... Therefore, it can be detected by CK-MB test which is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of cardiac CK-MB. This test can be used together with other ...

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Firstep Bioresearch, Inc.
HbA1c rapid diagnostic test / for diabetes / whole blood / immunochromatographic
HbA1c rapid diagnostic test

INCLIX HbA1c Test (CE marked, NGSP certified) INTENDED USE INCLIX™ HbA1c along with INCLIX™ Analyzer is an immunochromatographic in-vitro diagnostic device for quantitative determination ...

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Sugentech, Inc.
rapid ovulation test / LH / urine / chromatographic immunoassay
rapid ovulation test

Product descriptionIntended useThe TODAY Ovulation Test is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the semiquantitative detection of humanluteinizing hormone (hLH) in urine to aid in ...

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ulti med Products (Deutschland)
rapid allergy test / IgE / serum / immunochromatographic
rapid allergy test

... methodologies Fast: Results within 30 minutes Hands-on time less than 1 minute Accurate: Excellent correlation with established ELISA technologies 90% sensitivity and specificity Convenient: Single or multiple samples ...

AIDS rapid diagnostic test / HIV / serum / plasma
AIDS rapid diagnostic test

... than 39 million lives so far. In 2013, 1.5 million people died from HIV-related causes globally. Our HIV Tests are; Immuno-chromatographic (Ag-Ab-Ag) sandwich assay CE Certified Qualitative ...

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Turklab Tibbi Malzemeler San. Tic. A.S.
prostate cancer rapid diagnostic test / PSA / blood / immunochromatographic
prostate cancer rapid diagnostic test

... , early detection and prevention can be life saving. HOW DOES IT WORK? The test is based on an immunochromatographic reaction correlated to the reference laboratory test (ABBOTT Axsym). ...

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rapid gastrointestinal disease test / Helicobacter pylori / feces / immunochromatographic
rapid gastrointestinal disease test
Easy-Card 14656

Easy-Card H. pylori Ag 20 tests Rapid "one step" immunochromatographic method on membrane for the qualitative determination of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) in human faeces – The membrane ...

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rapid respiratory disease test / Streptococcus A / throat / immunochromatographic
rapid respiratory disease test

STANDARD Q Strep A Ag test is an immunochromatographic assay for the detection of Group A streptococcal antigen. Easy to use, Easy to read and interpret Room temperature storage Performance: ...

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rapid avian influenza test / for poultry / virus / feces
rapid avian influenza test

Applicable to: Birds / Poultry Field of application: FASTest® AIV Ag is a rapid immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection of Avian Influenza Virus Type A antigen (subtypes ...

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MEGACOR Diagnostik