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diagnostic software module / 3D viewing / medical / cardiology
diagnostic software module
3mensio 3D Plug-In

The 3D plug-in can be integrated in your viewer or PACS workstation to obtain a 3mensio 3D render engine. This control, hosted within your application, supports interactive use by the radiologist and creating reformatted series for later ...

control software module / planning / for lab automation
control software module
LabVision® SL-RIEDIT, LabVision® SL-RIEDITL

The RI-CAD™ software module for LabVision® is to a great extent identically with the stand-alone version, RI-CAD™ (see RI-CAD™). The RI-CAD™ software module which is ...

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HiTec Zang GmbH
CAD software module / dental
CAD software module

... includes the necessary software function and appropriate accessories). Virtual Articulator Enables digitalisation and integration of articulated models (articulator systems Artex®, Protar®, SAM®, Stratos® and Panadent®) ...

scan software module / CAD / dental
scan software module
CS Exocad

CS Exocad Base Module Excellent for beginners, powerful in the hands of experts. The CS exocad base module is known for being quick and easy to use - It helps save money and maximize productivity. It ...

viewer software module / laboratory / chromatography
viewer software module
top view pane

Module top view pane The module top view pane shows active and passive PAL modules as retrieved either from the configuration of a connected instrument or from a previously stored configuration ...

oncology software module / visualization / diagnostic / immunohistochemistry
oncology software module
ONCOTOPIX® Diagnostics

... routines leaving room for other important tasks to happen. Oncotopix® is a portfolio of software modules designed application within cancer diagnostics but modules can be added for users ...

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digital dictation software module / reporting / medical
digital dictation software module

INFINITT Results is an optional add-on module for use with INFINITT PACS. Results is a speech recognition and reporting product that enables the radiologist to not only complete the report by speaking, but also to navigate ...

analysis software module / medical imaging / for vascular examinations
analysis software module

The Vessel plug-in Supports segmentation of vessels in CTA data sets and provides center lines for vessel assessment. Segmentation of CTA vessels Center lines for curved MPR For all kinds of arteries (e.g.. carotids, coronaries, ...

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aycan Medical Systems
printing software module / management / medical
printing software module

... of printing, reduce overhead costs, and improve overall productivity. HP Access Control is a suite of printing solution modules that deliver print authentication, auditing, authorization, accounting, and secure ”pull” ...

education software module / radiography / web-based
education software module

... aspects of acquiring and processing the image, and for subsequent transmission and storage of the recorded data. This theory module provides an introduction to computer science, the technology used in radiographic imaging, ...

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post-processing software module / 3D viewing / medical imaging
post-processing software module

iQ-VIEW 3D is an optional module, which turns iQ-VIEW / PRO into a full-featured 3D workstation for virtually all kinds of 3D image processing, e.g. for vascular, neuroradiological, traumatological, orthopaedic and cardiac ...

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IMAGE Information Systems
analysis software module / measurement / for histopathology laboratories / virtual microscopy
analysis software module

A pattern recognition based tissue segmentation software. Teach the software to detect relevant tissue structures on your digital slides automatically and run quantification algorithms on presegmented ...

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3D Histech Kft.
analysis software module / for electrophysiology / for research
analysis software module

AxIS METRIC PLOTTING TOOL The AxIS Metric Plotting Tool makes visual quantification of data across treatments, treatment concentrations and/or time courses easier and faster than ever before. In a few steps, rapidly generate comparison ...

cardiology software module / management / diagnostic / sharing
cardiology software module

Cardiology Start with a comprehensive cardiology template library for H&P, Consultations, Follow-up exams, Pre and Post Procedure forms, Echo, Treadmill, Holter, etc. Use your own favorite forms within the system Modify and ...

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Prime Clinical Systems, Inc.
analysis software module / for particle size analysis
analysis software module

... be evaluated for every suspension system to be measured with OPUS (e.g. sand in water, salt in mother liquor). The KSIGMA module is an easy-to-operate WINDOX component for the evaluation of extinction functions. The ...

cephalometric analysis software module / 3D simulation / for dental imaging
cephalometric analysis software module

Automatic Landmark Identification Anatomical landmarks have always been difficult to identify on cephalometric images. To solve this problem, Anatomage created an innovative and simple way to perform cephalometric tracings that will ...

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management software module / planning / orthopedic surgery / medical
management software module
Fracture Management

OrthoView’s innovative Fracture Management module has been developed in conjunction with leading trauma surgeons to give rapid, on-screen planning and templating for trauma cases. Features include: On-screen fracture ...

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analysis software module / visualization / oncology / endoscopy
analysis software module
Myrian® XP-Colon

Original technologies Automated detection of colon tissues and polyps, navigation via virtual endoscopy, calculation of the central navigation line, registration in different images, dedicated clinical protocols. Its applications Routine ...

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scheduling software module / appointment management / medical / for smartphones
scheduling software module

... directly into the Nextech scheduling module. Appointment reminders are sent directly to patients’ cell phones Patients text back confirmations immediately Confirmations are displayed in the scheduling module

diagnostic software module / tracking / analysis / medical
diagnostic software module
Aquarius iNtuition

iNtuition supports the widest range of tools for neuroimaging analysis and research, from 3D visualization to parametric analysis to tumor segmentation, tracking and analysis. iNtuitions unparalleled performance advantage enables fast ...

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document management software module / prescription / for communication / medical
document management software module
e-MDs Chart

e-MDs Chart: Electronic Health Records (EHR) for Improving Patient Care Physicians are facing numerous pressures from all directions. Government regulations, complex insurance rules, higher patient expectations, increasing overhead ...

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reporting software module / visualization / medical imaging
reporting software module
Hybrid Viewer™

Hermes Hybrid Viewer™ Module HERMES processing - Viewing - Reporting •Complete System for True Efficient Workflow •Complete System for Any Modality Reporting •Complete system for any Vendor’s system Image Above - Multi-Time-Point ...

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Hermes Medical Solutions, Inc
dental software module / video recording / import / visualization
dental software module
Medical EDA

... suitable Software The new digital intraoral camera L-CAM-USB is fully compatible with all common dental software on the market. Everywhere it absolutely shines with bright, true-color images and easy ...

analysis software module / for ECG / medical
analysis software module

The system of remote ECG analysis based on ECG machines with GSM module and program module «ArMaSoft-12-Tele» Can be used in ambulances, low-level healthcare centers (medical and obstetrical stations, ...

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recording software module / EEG
recording software module
EEG module

The alpha trace NeuroSpeed EEG module focuses on usability and speed, setting the standard for what is needed by an EEG specialist. Markers Set markers with the mouse or from the function keys including „free text“ ...

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Dr. Grossegger & Drbal alpha trace medical systems