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ear speculum / single-use
ear speculum

DISPOSABLE RIGID SPECULA FOR OTOSCREEN (X250) Model 570798 Spare part for Otoscreen®

nasal speculum / Hartmann
nasal speculum
46-031-00x series

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vaginal speculum / Collin / with smoke evacuator
vaginal speculum
EV01, EV02, EV03

ESPECULUM EV01, EV 02, EV 03 (Small, Medium and large) Insulated, vaginal, Collin With Tube for connection to the Smoke Evacuator

vaginal speculum / sterilizable
vaginal speculum
90-xxx series

4" x 1 1/4" Sklar Black Freeway Graves Vaginal Speculum Without Loop - Each Sold Separately The Sklar Black™ Freeway-Graves Vaginal Speculum is used for laser gynecological procedures. It is available ...

vaginal speculum / single-use / transparent
vaginal speculum

Disposable vaginal speculums manufactured in transparent plastic, with high breakage resistance.Very easy to use, with a quarter screw-turn opening blockage system for totally noise-freehandling. Smooth finish with rounded ...

nasal speculum / Sims
nasal speculum

nasal speculum / Hartmann
nasal speculum