Warming cushions

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support pad / for humans / electric / washable
support pad

... size 45 x 70cm 3 adjustable heat intensity levels Protection against overheating The electric heating pad by Lanaform is the ideal product for warming up in no time at all when ...

support cushion / hand positioning / washable / electric
support cushion

Battery life: 4 hrs Internal pocket Protection against overheating The Lanaform rechargeable hand warmer provides heat and comfort every time it is used. You will experience the same effect as a cherry stone heat pillow.

support pad / foot positioning / for humans / washable
support pad

Comfortable fleece 3 adjustable heat intensity levels Protection against overheating The electric Foot Warmer guarantees warmth and comfort thanks to its highly effective heating system.

surgical pad / veterinary / rectangular / warming
surgical pad

Electric heated mattress for animals Intended for animals after surgery during the rehabilitation period to provide them with comfortable temperature conditions. Used at home, in hospitals and other ...

animal pad / rectangular / warming / electric
animal pad

Electric thermal insulating mat for animals Intended for animals after surgery during the rehabilitation period to provide them with comfortable temperature conditions. Used at home, in hospitals and other institutions. Features: - ...

surgical pad / veterinary / foam / warming
surgical pad

VETBOT-12 professional Mat for heating animals The patient may be in a static state for a long time under the influence of anesthesia, while his body begins to lose heat. The use of Mat VETBOT-12 allows to maintain the optimum temperature ...

gel pad / pediatric / rectangular / warming
gel pad
GE3-003, GE-602815,

Description Gel Pad with integrated Heating Pad for BW3 Control Unit Detailed information The Heating Element has been combined with the Gel Pad and sealed all around. The pebbel ...

pediatric pad / infant / rectangular / warming
pediatric pad
OP3, OP-200 series

Description X-ray translucent. For small children during surgery or on resuscitation table.

infant pad / pediatric / gel / anti-decubitus
infant pad
GE-455015, GE-436315

Description Fits on top of all Heating Pads. Should always be used to prevent pressure sores. Detailed information Weight 3,5 kg Height 12 mm Dimensions Length 450 mm., Width 500 mm X-ray translucent. Made of special PU.

multi-use pad / for humans / warming / washable
multi-use pad
BD 7800

2 level temperature control Intelligent constant temperature control Removable and machine washable cotton cover Even heat distribution Overheat protection Input power: AC220-240V / 50Hz Output power: 60W Dimension ...

massage pad / warming / anatomical
massage pad

Moist Heat Pad Best substitute for the hot tower, avoid the hot feeling when you use hot tower, able to use any time and any place by just one press. The product can relieve the engorement feeling for lactating mothers. ...

protection cushion / washable / warming / programmable
protection cushion
bosotherm 1200

Enjoy well-being: Heating Pad with 3 illuminated temperature settings, overheating protection and automatic switch-off. Dimensions 30x40 cm, removable and machine washable cotton cover. All features at glance: • ...

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Boso, Bosch + Sohn
washable cushion / warming
washable cushion

Delivers soothing moist heat to a variety of areas (Figure A) Heat penetrates tissue quickly and safely Cloth cover is machine washable Convenient slide on/off switch with indicator light Absorbent sponge included for moist heat application Size: ...

neck support cushion / anatomical / warming
neck support cushion

... Relax-a-Bac Neck Wrap surrounds you in soothing comfort and relieves pain in two different ways – as a microwavable heating pad or as a cold compress The Neck Wrap delivers the most effective type of heat therapy recommended ...

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Briggs Healthcare
neck support pad / for thermal therapy / for humans / warming
neck support pad

HP 626 Heating cape for neck and shoulder WITH RECHARGEABLE BATTERY Product number: 61165 With rechargeable battery Battery running time: approx. 5 hours Ladenetzteil für schnelle Wiederaufladung (ca. 2-3 Stunden) 4 temperature ...

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support pad / surgical / gel / for humans
support pad
Gelli-Roll® series

The Gelli-Roll® is used for patient warming and cooling. The revolutionary and simple-to-use Gelli-Roll® combines patient temperature management and comfort. It is a reusable water blanket encapsulated in Akton® polymer. ...

multi-use cushion / warming
multi-use cushion
CH 500 3200

programmable cushion / washable / warming
programmable cushion
FH 80

... cotton cover is machine washable. It offers an extra space cover. This product put forward a high safety level. Also, the pad Size consists of 30.5 x 34.5 cm.

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lumbar support cushion / washable / warming / with thermostat
lumbar support cushion

3 temperature settings. Specially designed to suit the lumbar-renal area. Fastening strap. It carries a safety thermostat. Removable and washable cloth cover.

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positioning cushion / for operating tables / foam / warming
positioning cushion

... visco-elastic foam and an integrated heating element ASTOPAD® SOF is the best possible prophylaxis against decubitus and warming of the patient from below. Heated, pressure relieving backrest for operating tables, antistatic. ...

warming pad / positioning / for animal research / for small animals
warming pad

Half the area is heated which allows the animal to find its own thermal comfort zone

washable cushion / warming
washable cushion

Heating Pads Part Number BE-240 Heating Pads Features Soothing warmth relieves tired, aching muscles and temporary arthritic pain. Besmed heating pads are versatile and ...

washable cushion / electric / warming
washable cushion

1, Removable and washable soft fleece cover 2, inner waterproof PVC heating pad 3, Over heating and overcurrent protection 4, Size: 30*40cm or 40*50cm 5, Voltage: 220-240V - 50Hz 6, Power: 45W 7, 3 temperature(0-1-2-3)level ...

human pad / warming / washable / electric
human pad

... Ultimately security against electric shock A detachable socket from the broom for washing Uniform heating system Beautiful design, professional technology updated Very soft and delicate Large size 40 * 60 cm A washable ...

electric cushion / warming / rectangular
electric cushion

Heat Electronic Pillow. It is used to applied heat on aching muscles to feel an instant relief or to combat the cold, etc

human pad / programmable / warming / rectangular
human pad

SpeedHeatVE comprises of a control unit to enable precise, variable temperatures to be applied and a warming pad for heat application. The warming pads come in different ...

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Inditherm Medical
massage cushion / electric / warming
massage cushion

FJ-060 Infrared Heating & Kneading Massage Mat Portable and practical massage cushion for the home, office, car, and other places. Dr Fuji’s FJ-060 Infrared Heating & Kneading Massage Mat provides a deep tissue massage ...

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Fuji Chair
thermal therapy pad / warming / electric
thermal therapy pad

THERATHERM DIGITAL MOIST HEAT PACK Theratherm Digital Moist Heat Pack provides intense, moist heat therapy for temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis, back pain caused by muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and ...

surgical pad / veterinary / warming
surgical pad
TP-0x series

The heating mat is suitable as heating base element to place under the cage or pet in microsurgery.

warming pad / surgical / for small animals
warming pad
DCT-25, DCT-20, DCT-15

... Infrared Stasis Technology) makes Kent Scientific’s animal warming products among the most efficient and effective surgical infrared rodent heating pads on the market. Perfect for lab rat and mouse warming, ...

foot positioning pad / for humans / warming / washable
foot positioning pad

... and washed. Features: Radiant warmth for the feet with soft, plush polar fleece lining Includes a king size heating pad 4 temperature settings 40 minute auto-off Fits most foot sizes 9 foot power cord Machine washable

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Pharma Supply Inc