CBCT scanner / for cranial tomography
CBCT scanner
VOLUX9 Dental

... I.I(Image Intensifier) type has already been proven in the field offers maximum FOV(150x150) And high resolution image of same area can be available though Zoom FOV(100x100).

SPECT Gamma camera / CT scanner / for full-body SPECT / for full-body tomography
SPECT Gamma camera

Diagnostic precision SPECT-CT is helpful for high precise diagnosis and positioning of the image in our tumor treatment center. Conventionally, when the tumor is found, 85% of the patients are in the advanced stage, with metastatic ...

CBCT scanner / for cranial tomography
CBCT scanner
ALPHARD series

Alphard series have been developed based on the concept of"Gentility" to all people. Various exposure modes from D-Mode to C-Mode are equipped in standard to meet doctor's clinical objectives. High accuracy 3D images that can be obtained ...

CT scanner / for cranial tomography
CT scanner
Point i 3D

Specifically designed for Radiology Center and Hospitals. Max. F.O.V Size 19X16cm World Best 3-Dimensional Image • The use of Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Sensor is extended the life time of sensor 2 times longer than ...