CAD software / for dental prosthesis design / modeling / for dental surgery



  • Function:

    CAD, for dental prosthesis design, modeling

  • Application domain:

    for dental surgery, maxillofacial surgery


PlastyCAD is the only CAD software with "freeform" modelling functions designed specifically for the medical and dental field. PlastyCAD imports directly the STL files acquired with optical scanners and medical software (like 3Diagnosys) and to export the results directly in STL format for the direct manufacturing with rapid prototyping and CAD/CAM technologies. With PlastyCAD it's possible to v irtually model a bone graft as easily as you would model a resin block on a plaster model and export the graft file for the manufacturing in implantable and sterile material, ready for the surgery. PlastyCAD can also superimpose the surface files coming from different optical scans or files extracted from the CT/CBCT exams and to automatically fit the common surface areas for a precise anatomy fitting, independently from the user experience, for the dimensional variations analysis in the pre/post-surgery areas. Thanks to its versatility PlastyCAD is employed also for advanced applications such as the orthognatic (surgical splints modelling) and maxillofacial surgery (cutting guides for mandible reconstructions or LeFort surgeries planning), and for the immediate loading prosthetic reconstruction starting from the virtual wax-up.