rail-mounted monitor mount / surgical / articulated

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rail-mounted monitor mount rail-mounted monitor mount - MRI-Safe®


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These Overhead LCD Mounts have been developed for maximum flexibility. On all models each array can be rotated 360 degrees. On external wired models the individual LCD mount can be tilted and pivoted independently from other LCDs. On Internal wired and MRI-Safe® Models the LCD's can only be tilted in a limited range.
These mounts have been engineered to be ultra-lightweight so that the Single and Dual Mount Models can be hung on traditional overhead systems that normally carry X-ray Barriers, Injectors and small surgical lamps. There are also special MRI-Safe® versions of our LCD mounts that are designed specifically for our exclusive MRI-Safe® Overhead Suspension Systems. Our Single and Dual Mount MRI-Safe® Overhead Systems, accommodate the single and double LCD mounts. The Triple and Quad LCD Arrays require our Hercules® Suspension System either available as a single overhead arm or mounted on our Central Axis Stacked Column System. Quad and Triple Arrays have the same flexibility with individual LCD mounts that can be tilted, rotated and pivoted independently from other LCDs.