electric stimulator / ultrasound diathermy unit / tabletop / 2-channel
Mixing 2 (evo)



  • Type:

    electric stimulator, ultrasound diathermy unit

  • Ergonomics:


  • Number of channels:



MIXING 2 is an electrotherapy stimulator with built-in ultrasound unit. It features two independent stimulation channels with adjustable intensity for the delivery of low and medium frequency treatment. The ultrasound unit operates at 1MHz frequency.Ultrasound operation is independent or in combination with one of the two stimulator channels.PATIENTS DATABASEallows storing:• patients data• pathology• description of treatment• treatment customisation• evaluation of pain level at the beginning and at the end of treatmentOur patient database provides immediate access to the customized treatment allowing it to be easily and quickly repeated.PROGRAMS AND SEQUENCESHuge memory to store new programs and sequences of combined programs. this allows creating customized treatments tailored to the patient’s specific needs .