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    applanation tonometry

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AccuPen is perfect Gravity Offset Technology adds decisive IOP measurements with limited calibration compared to other handheld tonometers. Busy facilities deserve and instrument that will come through in the clutch, which is why Accutome is proud to present the AccuPen handheld tonometer for patient IOP screening.

It has portability weighs only 3.0oz. It approaches with custom, heavy duty traveling case and lanyard for safe transportation. It has lifelong lithium battery lasts up to 15,000 readings. It is prepared to utilize eliminate the constant require for up, down and around calibration.

Contoured molding with a large, visible LCD permit the AccuPen to be utilized ambidextrously and fit comfortably in any size hand. It is trouble-free to make use of Ergonomic design combined with sighting lines grant for simple visualization of the cornea, facilitating both centralization and perpendicularity.

Micro strain gauge technology has combined with proprietary algorithms make available with reproducible results. It is flexibility obtains fast measurements with patient in any position.