ultrasound biometer / table
A-Scan Plus Connect



  • Type of instrument:

    ultrasound biometer

  • Ergonomics:



The latest A-Scan Plus Connect® is specially designed to match the present requirement in refractive cataract surgery. It is the perfect solution for calculation and measurement of all the patients and refining the results of surgery. The 100 percent measurement of patients can be done. The device operates perfectly for patients having fixation problems or with dense cataracts. The Connects attach straight with the laptop, PC, or tablets making the device a perfect mobile solution. To electronic medical record systems, the uploading of information can be done easily. Entering data of patient, capturing the scan and calculation of measurement becomes quick because of enhanced user interface. It features Contact Modes and Immersion. Despite of fixation problems or lens opacities, the product is capable of providing complete measurement. It has superior quality resolution and ergonomic interface. Fast measurement capturing reduces patient chair time. The removal of marginally aligned scans is done by Sclera Recognition and Automatic Alignment Detection. The device is light in weight.