1-channel infusion pump / PCA / volumetric / single use
AutoMed 3200®



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    PCA, volumetric, single use

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AutoMed 3200
It introduces products developed by technical power of Ace Medical.Introduction
- With the AutoMed 3200®, the medical staff and patient can easily control the infusion amount of medication
- While infusing, users can also easily change the delivery volume, bolus volume, lockout time
- Users can check how much medication is delivered by viewing the LCD
- The LCD will also alert the patient if the AutoMed pump is experiencing any errors
- There is a safety mechanism when programing the device, so the pump is tamperproof for patient safetyAdvantages
- Disposable electronic pump
- Single screen programming
- Simple operation
- Small and lightweight
- Easy to prime
- Adaptable and flexible
- Programmable basal, bolus and lockout settings
AutoMed 3200
Flow rate0.5 - 10.0 ml/h
Bolus dose0.5 - 5.0 ml
Lockout time2.0 - 60 min.
Volume100,150,275 ml
DescriptionDisposable type, PCA function, LED display
Alarm functionsLow battery, Occlusion, End of infusion, System malfunction