respiratory suction catheter / pulmonary

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respiratory suction catheter / pulmonary respiratory suction catheter / pulmonary


  • Application:

    respiratory suction

  • Area of the body:



Ace Trach Care
It introduces products developed by technical power of Ace Medical.Introduction
- Enables suction while keeping Breathing Circuit Kit which can provide patient with plenty of oxygen and keep PEEP
- Closed Suction System reduces complications from absorption of lung secretions contained blood from patients instable cardio
pulmonary function and suspected active tuberculosis
- Protect patient and user from secondary infection and contamination by exposition to bodily secretions and cough from suction
- Increase efficiency and make it possible for a person to operate sterilized suction properly while reducing average suction numberSpecification
Ace Trach Care

TypeRegular Infant Type, Regular Adult Type, Bronchoscopy Type
Catheter length30.5cm, 54.0 cm
French5, 6, 8, 10 12, 14, 16 Fr