electric stimulator / ultrasound diathermy unit / trolley-mounted / 2-channel



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    electric stimulator, ultrasound diathermy unit

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Cutting-Edge Electrotherapy and Ultrasound Therapy System
The all-new OmniVersa® Multi-Modality Therapy System combines electrotherapy and ultrasound and includes integrated, evidence based clinical protocols and offers ultrasound and a variety of electrical stimulation waveforms to effectively address acute, subacute, and chronic pain presentations for superior pain reduction.

OmniVersa® adds productivity and saves you valuable time:Omniversa

Perform group and concurrent therapy
Easily navigate therapy options byindications from the onboard LCD touch screen menu
Built in innovative technology includes 7 Waveforms, 60 Treatment Protocols and 10 PENS Patterns
Simply pickup and go with the easy to hold handle or roll from room to room with the cart
Perform therapy anywhere for extended amounts of time with the long-lasting battery
Access more options with ultrasound and combination therapy protocols utilizing DeltaT temperature control with 5cm2 standard ultrasound transducer
Sense of security with the patient and clinician safety remote

Unique Features:

Pick Up & Go – Run Ultrasound & Electrotherapy on New Long-Lasting Medical Grade Battery
Integrated Clinical Protocols – 18 Menu Embedded Indications, LCD Touchscreen
Single Dial – Easy Navigation
Ultrasound Applicator – 5cm2 Standard & 0.8cm2 Optional
2 Channel Electrotherapy & Ultrasound – 7 Waveforms, 60 Treatment Protocols & 10 PENS Patterns