transillumination caries detector
Microlux 2 Diagnostic System PN 110080-3



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Microlux 2 Transillluminator: Available with 2 mm & 3 mm glass light guide which allows doctors to better visualize caries on anterior and posterior teeth.

- Slim ergonomic design
- Dual output levels
- Conveniently located control button
- Battery voltage regulator
- Battery low level indicator
- Fits all existing Microlux attachments
- Uses 2 AAA Batteries

-Easy handling and anti Rolling
- Easier visualization of caries & cracks
- Easy one finger operation
- Constant light output
- Battery replacement indication
- Multiple applications with one device
- Worldwide battery availability

Transillumination also helps to visualize:
- Crown fractures
- Root canal orifice
- Root fractures
- All accessories are autoclavable except for disposable fiber light guides
- Protective sleeves are available

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