3/4 length orthopedic insole with longitudinal arch pad / with transverse arch pad / adult
AXLL Classic-17



  • Insole element:

    with longitudinal arch pad, with transverse arch pad

  • Patient type:



AXLL Classic-17 Full Carbon Fiber Insole

▶ Carbon Fiber Material
▹ Rigidity: support whole plantar arches
▹ Elasticity: energy storage & energy return
▹ Tenacity: retain curvature & shape
▹ Durability: prolong product lifetime
▹ Waterproof: easiest to be cleaned

▶ Design Patent
▹ 3/4 Length Design
▹ Four-Arch Support Design
▹ Heel-Cup Design
▹ Heel-Hole Design
▹ Biomechanics Design

▶ Features & Benefits
▹ Lightest: min. 22g
▹ Slimmest: min. 1.6mm
▹ Fit with any kinds of plantar arches
▹ Fit into most kinds of shoe types
▹ Easily to be switched into another shoes
▹ Big data application of normal arches

▶ Indications
▹ Pes planus (Flat foot)
▹ Pes cavus (High arch foot)
▹ Metatarsalgia (Ball of foot pain)
▹ Plantar fasciitis (Heel pain)
▹ Joint degeneration (Knee & Hip)
▹ Standing/Walking Occupation

▶ Brand Story
“AXLL” is derived from concept of “Ace & Shield," upholds principles of rigidity, stability, lightweight, and innovation. We adhere to the strict scientific evidence and combine it with fashion trends in order to create both "Mechanics" & "Aesthetics" professional foot protectors. Bringing in higher life quality and life experience, AXLL is a brand with the achievements of the times.