endometrial biopsy cannula / straight

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endometrial biopsy cannula / straight endometrial biopsy cannula / straight


  • Medical procedure:

    endometrial biopsy

  • Other characteristics:



Endometrial Biopsy Cannula

Made of flexible plastic with indication for collection of endometrial cells. Consisting of two components:

– 01 cylindrical tube with rounded tip with centimetric markings (allow to evaluate the depth of the uterus) and with grooved openings (during the procedure the cells pull into the cylindrical tube);

– a plunger inserted inside the cylindrical tube which allows upward and downward movement creating suction / vacuum pressure within the tube. The flexibility of the cannula has been optimized to facilitate adaptation to normal uterine curvature, promoting contact with the wall for safe and improved sample collection.

Overall length with plunger: 26.5cm ± 3cm
Cannula outside diameter: 3mm ± 0.5mm
Inner cannula diameter: 2.6mm ± 0.5mm Ø

For endometrial biopsy to assist in the diagnosis of abnormalities in the uterus and other diseases. Frequent Reasons
for endometrial biopsy:

● Abnormal uterine bleeding;
● Systematic screening for endometrial cancer and hyperplasia;
● Detection of luteal phase insufficiency;
● Monitoring the endometrial effects of hormonal treatments;
Screening in premenopausal or postmenopausal women
● Investigation of endometrial hypertrophy (thickening) detected by ultrasound
● Investigation of polyps;
● Monitoring of tamoxifen treatment;
● Bacterial culture to identify pathogens;
● Study of the cause of endometritis (inflammation of the endometrium caused by infections);

Commercial presentation:
Sterile – Individually packaged in peel pouch.

Expiration date:
36 months from the date of manufacture.