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Fragment Analyzer™



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    DNA, for RNA

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Introducing one powerful instrument to cover the full spectrum of DNA, gDNA and RNA quality control. Fragment AnalyzerTM does everything from high-resolution analysis to fast DNA separations, across the widest separation range.

What is the the Fragment Analyzer?
The Fragment Analyzer is a parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument designed to eliminate laboratory bottlenecks caused by slow and unreliable QC analysis of nucleic acids. These bottlenecks are resolved by the automation of key steps such as gel loading and sample injection. After separations are complete, nucleic acid fragment analysis is simplified with PROSize® Data Analysis Software. Together, the Fragment Analyzer and PROSize offer researchers the ability to quickly and reliably QC their samples and move on to downstream applications sooner.

How flexible is the Fragment Analyzer?
Versatility defines the Fragment Analyzer. Not only are researchers able to perform DNA analysis and RNA analysis using the same capillary array, they can easily modulate throughput with the option of array cartridges with 12, 48 or 96 capillaries in varying lengths. Users can run a few samples up to 288 samples without intervention, making the instrument perfect for laboratories that analyze a dozen RNA samples per week, to high-throughput genomic facilities that analyze nucleic acid samples by the thousands.