fetal monitor with maternal monitoring / with touchscreen



  • Specifications:

    with maternal monitoring, with touchscreen


The Advanced® FM-9000 series Fetal & Maternal Monitor is intended for non-invasive and invasive monitoring of fetus and for monitoring physiological parameters of the pregnant women, during antepartum examination, labor and delivery. The Advanced® FM-9000 series Fetal & Maternal Monitor provides non-stress testing for pregnant women from the 28th week of gestation. It can externally monitor the FHRs using ultrasound and uterine activity via a TOCO transducer. Alternatively, it can internally monitor one of the FHRs with DECG and uterine activity with an IUPC. The unit also allows monitoring maternal: ECG, SpO2, Heart rate, Non Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) and temperature.