coagulation ultrasound surgical unit / with thermofusion

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coagulation ultrasound surgical unit / with thermofusion coagulation ultrasound surgical unit / with thermofusion - ESU-400


  • Features:

    coagulation, with thermofusion

  • Cutting power:

    400 W


The Advanced® ESU-400 is a 400 Watt, multipurpose, Electrosurgical Generator for use in surgical procedures. The Advanced® ESU-400 features Monopolar and Bipolar functions to satisfy most surgical demands.

The Advanced® ESU-400 is used to make precise cuts and coagulation during surgical procedures in operating rooms and outpatient centers

Key Features
3-Zone control system for easy operation.
Individual LED display for each Zone.
Advanced & accurate power output control technology.
Monopolar and Bipolar functions.
Seven operating modes.
Minimal 1 Watt micro power control system to ensure optimal effect.
Multiple alarm functions.
Output warning light and sound.
Volume control.
Auto termination for continuous output.
Minimal sticking and carbonization reduce surgery damage.
Dual power output control, hand and foot switch.
Fast trouble-shoot by error alarm system.
Protection against the defibrillator’s discharge effect.
Working Mode: Intermittent loading & Continuous running.
Voltage 110/220V, 50/60 Hz.
Two years warranty.