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research syringe pump / 1-channel

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research syringe pump / 1-channel research syringe pump / 1-channel - LSPone


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    for research

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The pump that killed the dead volume

Spend more time on your microfluidic experiment and less on the hardware setup

The LSPone laboratory syringe pump is a high-precision dosing device for microfluidic applications. The high-accuracy dosing and nearly-pulseless flow stream capabilities make it the perfect tool for multiple liquid handling in the range of milliliter down to nanoliter.

The integrated zero dead volume selection valve allows you to handle multiple fluids with one syringe pump thanks to the high cleaning efficiency and low carryover. Coupled with its ease of use, the LSPone is thus the ideal companion for your laboratory experiments at a reduced investment cost.

Plug & Play, installed in minutes
Swiss quality
Simple air removal
Easy to use and integrate
Allows for multiple liquids
Optimised to limit contamination
Excellent biochemical compatibility
Software on Windows and OSX

Sample preparation automation
Research & Education
Biological sample handling
Accurate flow streams of fluids
High-precision sampling and dosing

Dilute samples or reagents
Aspirate liquids
Dispense liquids
Control the flow rate
Prepare complex mixes
Alternate air / liquid samples