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thoraco-lumbar spinal osteosynthesis unit / anterior / adult



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Modular Anterior Construct System for the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine
MACS II is an evolutionary development of the clinically successful and biomechanically proven MACS TL® implant system available since 1999. This development initiative has simplified the surgical procedure while maintaining the endoscopic capability of the MACS TL® system. The only implant change: The new set screw / centralizer sleeve instrumentation used to terminally lock the polaxiality of the MACS II system.
The MACS II anterior stabilization system, when coupled with a variety of minimally invasive techniques to approach the anterior column, allows for the adjunct posterior instrumentation providing the means for surgeons to improve patient outcomes by decreasing the degree of operative intensity. The MACS II system provides high biomechanical stability due to its angle rigid design, with the safety and simplicity of monocortical screws.
- Simplified instrumentation with click mechanism
- New pre-mounted set screw with centralizer guides forthe instrumentation
- Cannulated instruments and implants introduced by guidewire
- Microsurgical and endoscopic approach
- Low profile of stabilization plate
- Smooth integration into the anatomical structure of the spine
- Firmly locking mechanism and high stability of implant construct
- Standard polyaxial and stabilization screw
- Thoracic polyaxial and stabilization screw
- XL polyaxial screw for cement augmentation
- Various lengths of stabilization plate
- Cannulated instruments and implants for minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery
- Screw for bone graft fixation