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bipolar coagulation electrosurgical unit / neurosurgery / radio frequency
GN 160



  • Features:

    bipolar coagulation

  • Application domain:


  • Type:

    radio frequency


Non-Stick Bipolar
Advanced Generator meets Advanced Instruments
Bipolar Generator GN160
High Tech for improved non-stick behavior:
- Impedance control for adaptation of coagulation parameters for improved non-stick behavior and fast coagulation
- Compatible with Rose Gold and all other AESCULAP bipolar forceps
Rose Gold Bipolar Forceps
The employed materials allow for a high heat conductivity and a high electrical conductivity. This combination enables a quicker heat dispersion over and away from the tips.
Disposable Rose Gold Bipolar Forceps
Using brand new disposable forceps for every case means consistent coagulation quality
- Sterile
- Always ready to use
- No reprocessing
BiProtect Bipolar Forceps
Together with the fine instrument tips BiProtect forceps were designed for particulary targeted and precise coagulation.