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skin closure surgery stapler / vascular surgery / disposable
Manipler® AZ



  • Applications:

    skin closure surgery, vascular surgery

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Manipler® AZ
Reliable consistent performance
The Manipler AZ is a sterile single-use skin stapler designed to deliver 35 stainless steel staples at the end of any surgical procedure. It offers reliable / intuitive handling, thus reducing the risk to the patient.
- High quality construction
- Well balanced weight and ergonomic design
- Slim grip design
- Special angled head
- Flexible placement angle
- Alignment indicator
Manipler® AZ skin stapler can be used for routine skin closure in a wide variety of surgical procedures, e. g.:
- General surgery
- Gynaecology
- Orthopaedics
- Thoracic surgery
- Heart and Vascular surgery
- Urology
- Others

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