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cardiovascular microsurgery instrument kit
Noir® Suprême Micro Instruments



  • Procedure:

    cardiovascular microsurgery


Noir® Suprême Micro Instruments
Feel the difference – New dimension of high valency micro instruments
Innovative features of these instruments enable surgery to perform in a new dimension. As the name suggests, you can expect a finely-tuned selection of high valency micro instruments.
- Noir® coating – the extremely hard and low reflection NOIR coating is several times as hard as normal instrument steel and gives the instruments both wear resistance and high corrosion resistance.
- Diadust coating – the uneven surface caused by the coating significantly increases the surface area.
- Patented joint closure – this new joint connection lends the instrument extreme stability for more precise guiding of the jaw parts.
- Patented locking design – the new, additional guide pin for the lock enables a reliable locking in any position.
- The forceps are fitted with a second guide element which helps prevent the scissoring effect oft he working ends.
- Solid grip of the needle
- Comfortable and easy handling
- Speed and efficiency
- Durability
- Cost-effectiveness