management software / radiology / laboratory / for hospitals



  • Function:


  • Application domain:

    radiology, laboratory

  • Medical establishment:

    for hospitals


HYDMEDIA enables hospitals and care facilities of all sizes to archive their paper-based documentation electronically and allow easy reference.
Key benefits include:
Reduction of physical archiving space
Reduce in information retrieval times
Reducing cost and increasing productivity
The improved disaster recovery Increase confidence
HYDMEDIA is designed to support all care facilities in saving extensive amounts of physical archiving space, reducing retrieval times for information, thereby, reduce cost significantly.
The solution, specially developed for healthcare environments and fully integratable with existing hospital IT solutions, enables care facilities to digitally archive their paper-based documentation such as diagnoses, modality print-outs, microfilms and clinical and administrative records.
The solution is currently in use at over 300 hospital facility locations across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg and France. It will also be made available in Belgium and the United Kingdom soon.
HYDMEDIA is developed to ensure the originality of the scanned documents is assured and enables access to these archived documents by several users, spread over different locations, at the same time.
It can be used with ORBIS, IMPAX Data Center, IMPAX.