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    for the pharmaceutical industry, for quality control

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Pharmaceutical Analysis
RapID Raw Material ID Verification System

The RapID Raman system is the next generation in raw material testing for pharmaceutical GMP quality control. RapID is a portable Raman spectrometer that uses Agilent’s spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) technology to extend high-throughput spectroscopic analysis through clear packaging to nontransparent and colored containers. This unique capability makes RapID ideally suited to noninvasive raw material identity verification.

With conventional techniques raw material testing in opaque containers can create a bottleneck in pharmaceutical manufacturing. A dedicated sampling area is needed to open, sample, test and re-seal each container to verify the identity of the contents. The RapID system allows the operator to verify the contents of each container through opaque and colored packaging in seconds, enabling release immediately into production. This saving on handling and lab testing reduces the overhead from hours or days to only minutes per batch.
Portable Raman ID through opaque and colored sacks, tubs and bottles
100% ID testing for all incoming containers
Faster ID workflow
Reduce operator time and sample-handling booth usage
No contamination - better for quality and operator exposure
Avoid sampling, maintain sterility and prevent cross-contamination
Sterile manufacturing of parenteral and biological products benefits from the RapID system's noninvasive approach