automatic sample preparation system / fully automated / laboratory / diagnostic
Dako CoverStainer



  • Operation:

    automatic, fully automated

  • Applications:

    laboratory, diagnostic

  • Preparation type:

    staining, drying, dehydration

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with glass coverslipper


Dako CoverStainer is a fully automated H&E working station that covers: Baking → Dewaxing → Staining → Dehydration → Coverslipping → Drying. |Featuring fully automated and flexible operation, Dako CoverStainer provides the H&E solution laboratories can count on for accurate results, streamlined workflow, and enhanced productivity.
Dako CoverStainer automates every step of the H&E process from baking, dewaxing and staining through to the dehydrated, coverslipped and dried slide that is ready for examination by the pathologist. Dako Reagent Management System (DakoRMS), which is an integral part of Dako CoverStainer, automates the reagent handling process, and secures consistent high staining quality as well as better safety for laboratory personnel when handling reagents.

Dako CoverStainer is part of the Dako H&E solution which also consists of ready-to-use reagents, an optimized, validated H&E protocol, consumables as well as DakoLink software. This combination gives laboratories consistently high staining quality while at the same time reducing hands-on and turnaround time.

Depth672 mm

Height1280 mm

Operating Environment Temperature18-26 °C

Reagent Capacity36

Width1655 mm