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laboratory fume hood / chemical / containment / floor-standing
AC3000E, AC6000E



  • Applications:


  • Function:

    chemical, containment

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    ductless, polypropylene


AirClean® Systems polypropylene free-standing recirculating fume hoods are designed to accommodate applications that require additional vertical height not found in standard benchtop hoods. Typically floor mounted, each E-Series recirculating fume hood features an upper folding sash combined with lower access doors, providing easy ergonomic access during manipulation. Full access design allows equipment to be easily inserted or removed from the enclosure, making the E-Series perfect for use with mixers, mills, grinders, reactors, or other tall equipment.

Standard Features

AirSafe™ automatic safety controller
Constant monitoring of fume hood face velocity with variable airflow control to user preset value
Encloses equipment while retaining full operator access
Integral vapor-proof fluorescent lighting
Lab event timer
No ductwork required
No installation required - plugs directly into a standard 110V or 220V electrical outlet
Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance. The result: NO RUST
Wide range of bonded activated carbon and HEPA filters for containment of virtually any toxic vapor, fume, gas, or particulate