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X-ray protective dental apron / X-ray protective thyroid collar



  • Garment type:

    X-ray protective dental apron, X-ray protective thyroid collar


Dental Apron

Dentists uses medical radiological examination technics as Panoramic, Periapical, Sefolometric, Sinus graphics very often for diagnonistic. That’s why it is necessary to use lead apron and thyroid collars during dental treatment. Speacialy for children and pregnants it is not allowed to make shooting without lead apron.

Patient Protection Apron

These model is intentionally produced for patient under dental treatment. This model is ease of use and has troit protector included giving maximum protection to user.

LightWeight Lead
LeadFree (optional)

Lead Equivalent
Front: 0,35 mm Pb or 0,5 mm Pb
Back: 0.25 mm Pb