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video pupillometer / hand-held

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video pupillometer / hand-held video pupillometer / hand-held - PupilX


  • Type of instrument:

    video pupillometer

  • Ergonomics:



High resolution optical system
Simultaneous bilateral pupil measurement
30 frames per second, up to 30 second
Illumination levels 0 to 1000 Lux
Optional software modules for extended processing
e.g. Relative Afferent Pupillary Defect Detection (RAPD)
Programmable stimulus

Patient comfort is ensured with a wide aperture hygienic face mask.
The combined infrared and visible illumination system of the PupilX presents the patient with a uniformly illuminated visual field.

Stimuli can be applied to each eye independently. The system is fully programmable and offers future software upgrades specific to requirements and adapted to latest scientific results. Using advanced mathematical techniques, the PupilX software provides a continuous measurement of pupil diameter with visual confirmation during both preview and video capture.

The integrated software combines measurement, processing and reporting within a single easy to use package aimed at speeding your workflow and increasing patient throughput.

The patient-friendly PupilX instrument is developed in cooperation with and exclusively produced by
MATEST Systemtechnik GmbH in D-72116 Moessingen.