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air pump air pump - MINI TOP2


The four main components for air compressors of the Mini Top series are: Piston, Cylinder, Motor and Valves.
The Piston, of the “Rocking Piston”-type, is composed of a sliding segment inside a cylinder and is mounted on a connecting
rod through a hardened, self-tapping screw. The connecting rod is mounted on a pillow block which is lubricated
for life with a special grease for utilization with high temperatures.
The Cylinder is made of extruded aluminum, rolled and hardened by chemical oxidation (Hard Oxide), with a depth of
45 microns.
The Motor utilizes a high-performance cooling system of forced air induction, and is insulated in compliance with European
and U.S. specifications. The body of the air compressor and the electric motor casing form one single unit. The
electric motor driveshaft - air compressor is composed of one single piece as well, sustained by supports that are equipped
with lubricated-for-life pillow blocks. The fastening flanges are made of die-cast aluminum alloy.
The Valves are an exclusive design by AlconAir, in special Sandvik stainless steel for valves. The valvular plate is made of
die-cast aluminum, and upon request it can be anodized to guarantee a total absence of corrosion.
These air compressors are fitted with an exclusive patented system of air intake filter on silencer, which makes them stand
out from others for their silence during operation. The units are equipped with anchoring feet made of antivibration synthetic
rubber. The air compressor may also be supplied in a soundproof cabinet, with a pressure switch and accessories
and with or without compensation tank.

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