preterm delivery POC analyzer / hCG / vaginal secretions / immunoassay



  • Applications:

    preterm delivery

  • Tested parameter:


  • Sample type:

    vaginal secretions

  • Analysis mode:



The Actim® 1ngeni instrument combines the clinical accuracy of Alere Actim® PROM and Alere Actim® Partus with the reliability and assurance of digitally interpreted patient and QC test results.

Testing with the Actim® 1ngeni instrument is easy, rapid, and secure. Simply log into the instrument, enter patient ID, activate the dipstick, and insert it into the instrument. The test result is available within 5 minutes and all test results are QC validated, recorded, and available to print.

Product is exclusively available for export to selected markets.

Secure and traceable patient testing.
Results in just 5 minutes.
Automated digital interpretation of test results.
Data input by touch screen interface, barcode reader and USB (e.g. user list).
Data output to the screen, printer, or USB.
Complete audit trail (Patient ID, User ID, reagent Lot Number).
Customizable QC testing schedule.