center-pull rowing machine / standard

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center-pull rowing machine / standard center-pull rowing machine / standard - G-SM-6313


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Seated Row

Vigor Series
*Ergonomic design
*Bio mechanically correct motion
*Durable construction

Item No. G-SM-6313
Product Name Seated Row
Country of Original China
Product Spec. Installed Space: 746 x 2046 x 1660 mm / 29" x 81" x 65"
Weight Stack: 80 kg-16 pcs / 176 lbs-16 pcs
N.W. 180 kgs / 397 lbs
G.W. 190 kgs / 419 lbs


1.Main frame adopts 75*118*3.0 semi elliptical pipe, functional area adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe, movement arm adopts 40*80*3.0mm, joint pipe is 50*100*3.0 flat oval pipe. All pipes are Q235 qualified pipe.
2.Ergonomic design, accurate trajectory, smooth operation.
3.Cushion filled with MC high resilience foam material, high-grade PU leather surface.
4.Full shroud, 4mm thickness ABS material, strong and durable.
5.Rubber foot pedal, attractive and durable.
6.Wire cable imported from Japan , 6*19+1*75 coated wire can withstand 1400kg tension.