transfer mattress / foam / with low-friction surface
A- 83001, A-83005, A- 83000



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    with low-friction surface


Roller-Free Roller Board: Better for patients, easier on nurses and inexpensive.

Comfortable: Soft core with no hard metal rollers
Lightweight: No lifting required, even with your heaviest patients
No Special Training Requirements: Uses same or similar transfer technique
Fowler’s Position Transfer: Long board allows for transfer in seated position
Foldable: Long board folds for easy storage and set-up
Straps: Carry this lightweight device on your shoulder and keep your hands free
Resilient and Sturdy: Durable material protects against end cap breakage

Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg)
Device Dimensions: 40" x 16.5" (100 cm x 42 cm)
CE marked