oxygen medical gas cylinder

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oxygen medical gas cylinder oxygen medical gas cylinder - Lif-O-Gen®


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When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters. In those critical seconds it is crucial to have
the simplest and quickest method of oxygen deployment possible.
When pulled from its cradle, the Lif-O-Gen automated system will immediately begin to
deliver 6 lpm oxygen USP through the integrated mask and tubing. Oxygen will continue
to be delivered for up to 45 minutes. Simply place the unit back in the cradle to stop the
flow of oxygen, or alternatively, insert the attached regulator pin.
The unit can be re-used until depleted with only
a replacement of the mask train. The tank can
be re-used or refilled when depleted.

Simply Pull the unit from the wall
and oxygen will automatically
begin flowing
Flow Rate
6 liters per minute
45 minutes from one refillable
Mounting Sturdy aluminum wall mount cradle
secures delivery system and mask