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Trauma Burn Pac

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burn medical kit burn medical kit - Trauma Burn Pac


  • Applications:

    burn, emergency


LSP Trauma Burn Pac Kits are professionally designed for the wet or dry emergency treatment of localized
thermal, friction, electrical and chemical burns. The kits are ideal for ambulances and paramedic and
disaster response vehicles. They are especially suited for the treatment of trauma/burn accidents
encountered in industrial facilities, restaurants, commercial kitchens, hotels, trucks, and gas stations …
anywhere that major medical injuries can occur.
The heart of the LSP Trauma Burn Pac Kit is the unique design and function of the Trauma/Burn Towel
Dressings, Burn Sheets and Face Masks found in each kit.
Standard Features
 The unique design of the tri-laminate material prevents fibers from shredding or infiltrating
the wound site
 The non-adhering material will not stick to a burn, abrasion, or trauma wound, thereby minimizing
scarring which results when a dressing adheres to a wound
 Towels may be used either wet or dry to meet local burn treatment protocols
 The non-wicking property will not absorb vital body fluids from the burn or trauma wound
 The foam core center of each towel will hold 10 times its weight in water, thereby effectively
cooling the burn for an extended period of time
 The variety of sizes available considerably reduce cost as they eliminate having to use a large towel
to treat a small burn
 Each towel and face mask is sterile and individually packaged for a 5-year shelf life
 The LSP Trauma/Burn Face Mask is the only dressing specifically designed to treat difficult facial
trauma and burns