ophthalmology camera / digital / CCD

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ophthalmology camera / digital / CCD ophthalmology camera / digital / CCD - PROSILICA GX 1660


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240 MBps with dual port LAG technology
3-axis motorized lens control
High frame rate at full bit depth
ON Semi KAI-02050 sensor
GigE Vision camera, ON Semi KAI-02050 CCD sensor, 66 fps
Prosilica GX1660 is a high resolution CCD camera with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports (GigE Vision®). This camera incorporates a high-quality 2/3" ON Semiconductor KAI-02050 CCD sensor providing excellent monochrome and color image quality in 4:3 format. At full resolution, this camera has a frame rate of 66 frames per second. With a smaller region of interest higher frame rates are possible. This camera has two screw-captivated Gigabit Ethernet ports configured as a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) to provide a sustained maximum data rate of 240 MBps. It can also work at half the bandwidth (120 MBps) using a single cable. By default monochrome models ship with no optical filter and color models ship with an IRC30 IR cut filter.