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RG 80 214801

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exercise mat / folding exercise mat / folding - RG 80 214801


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Folding Mat 200 x 125 x 8 cm with Anti-Slip Base, Leather Corners and Carry Handles RG 80

Information about material and mat sizes:

This mat measures: 200 x 125 x 8 cm, folded: 100 x 125 x 16 cm. All of our mats are upmarket, CFC-free premium-quality products.

Soft resistance and core material:

Since this mat is equipped with a special anti-slip base, it has a high level of slip resistance. The core is made of polyurethane foam RG 80 (80kg/m3). RG means volume weight (German: Raumgewicht) and states the degree of hardness of the mat. The higher the volume weight, the smaller the cell structure, i.e. the harder the core. Therefore, a 75 kg person subsides only 1 cm on a RG 120 mat, whereas the same person would subside about 2.5 cm on a RG 80 mat.


The cover features an anti-slip gym mat fabric at the bottom as well as a blue, seamless tarpaulin fabric at the top. This tarpaulin fabric is made from a tearproof synthetic-polyester-fabric, agreeable to the skin. Since the mat is protected against outside influences by its leather corners, its life is prolonged significantly. The cover is equipped with firmly sewed-on carry handles. Thus you can carry the mat more comfortably.