monopolar cutting electrosurgical unit / bipolar cutting / bipolar coagulation / monopolar coagulation



  • Features:

    monopolar cutting, bipolar cutting, bipolar coagulation, monopolar coagulation

  • Application domain:

    surgical, veterinary, gynecological, for dental surgery, laparoscopic, ENT, dermatology, ophthalmology

  • Type:


  • Cutting power:

    Min.: 80 W

    Max.: 160 W



Diathermy units for monopolar and bipolar surgery with continuous, pulsed and temporized currents

The new ALSATOM SU-MPC series is composed of intuitive Electrosurgical Units, with very high performances. They have both standard and pulsed currents, which can minimize the thermal effects into the tissues and reduce the harmful smokes, which are produced by all the Electrosurgical Units. By setting these currents, the operators can perform very fine cuts, very similar to the ones obtained with Radio Frequency units, as well as very delicate coagulations, which cannot be reached in any other way. Moreover, these new Electrosurgical Units are provided with a current for Micro -Coagulation, which allows delivering single pulses from 0.1sec to 1sec.

There are 5 available models: • 4 for the Monopolar and Bipolar use, and the Monopolar use under liquid with mini-resectors and needles of 5Fr. • 1 for the Bipolar use only with cut and coagulation, as well as cut, coagulation and vaporization in saline solution with mini-resectors, needles of 5Fr and Arthroscopy instruments.

The units can be used in Gynaecology, Dermatology, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, ENT, Maxillo Facial Surgery, Dental Surgery, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology and Veterinary (even in Laparoscopy) and in all the other surgeries (i.e. in Urologic coagulation under liquid or in Emergency).