multi-parameter ECG monitor / RESP / TEMP / SpO2



  • Measured parameter:


  • Configuration:


  • Patient type:


  • Screen size:

    12.1 in


• 12.1” Large-screen Color TFT Display
• User-friendly Design and Easy Operation Mode
• Built-in High-capacity Battery, Up to 5 Hours Working Time
• 7-Lead ECG Waveforms Display Interface
• Big Fonts Observational Interface
• Reviewable ECG waveforms, S-T Segment Analysis
• Maximum 128 Hours Automatic Storing and Reviewing of Graphic and Tabular Trends
• 3-Hour of HR, SpO2, and RESP Graphic Trends Directly Show on the Main Interface
• Individual Digital Module Structure, Convenient for Maintenance and Upgrade
• Digital SpO2 Technique, Precise Measurement for Low Perfusion and Finger Shaking
• Protection Against Interference from defibrillation and High-frequency Electrotome
• Intellectualized Voice/Light Alarms Accurately Transmit Diseases
• Adult/Pediatric/Neonatal measurement modes
• 2 Windows Display, Net-working Capability
• Graphic and Tabular Trends:
o Parameters Display: HR, SpO2, Respiration, Systolic Pressure, Mean Pressure, Diastolic Pressure, Pulse Rate
o Features: 128 Hours Storing of Trend Graph
• Standard Accessories:
o 1 x ECG Cable & Wires, 1 x pack Electrodes, 1 x Adult Digital SpO2 Probe, 1 x Adult NIBP Cuff, 1 x TEMP Probe, 1 x Built-in Battery, 1 x Ground Line.
• Recorder (Optional):
o Type: 50mm Thermal Recorder (Printer)
o Port: Standard Parallel
o Printing Setting: Manual Recording, Alarm Recording, Time Recording, Real-time Recording