telemedicine software / analysis / management / reporting



  • Function:

    analysis, management, reporting, tracking

  • Application domain:

    for telemedicine


Optimize Your Patient Workflow and Actively Manage Your Telemedicine Resources

Managing the efficiency of telemedicine patient exams takes a lot of time to coordinate and can get overwhelming . What if you could align all your resources to be ready for the next step in a patient’s examination process? ExamFlow software allows you to visually manage and track patients so you can synchronize your telemedicine clinic workflow and procedures.

ExamFlowTM uses proven management techniques drawn from Lean Six Sigma methods to help you eliminate bottleneck delays and patient wait time by an average of 15%. You can make better use of your telemedicine resources using the custom tailored program logic and conditional patient queuing features.

ExamFlow Will Help You Maximize Your Consulting Physicians' Time and Productivity:.

Visually track and manage patient flow through single or multiple clinical sites.
Identify specific bottlenecks in the process so you can make adjustments to eliminate unnecessary patient wait times.
Make optimal use of your resources and time so you can operate at your fullest potential:
Consultants can see exactly when patients are ready
Decide concisely which patient you will see next
Click the remote patient room icon for immediate connection, no MCU's, no bridge, no network scheduling required.
Continuously improve workflow with real-time data analysis and reporting

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