endoscope light source / LED

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endoscope light source / LED endoscope light source / LED - AMD-500


  • Applications:

    for endoscopes

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Camera & Illumination System

Crisp, Clear Diagnostic Imaging with Sharp Edge Definition

The Camera & Illumination System is an integrated camera and light source device that drives a wide variety of medical scopes to ensure a quality digital image is captured and delivered for further examination and evaluation. The integrated LED illumination and light source deliver exceptional quality images with accurate tissue color representation.
Product Features

LED illumination produces white light that delivers improved visibility of true tissue color, even with the smallest of fibers.
One-touch white balance ensures accurate colors are captured for quality medical images.
Unique edge enhancement for both flexible and rigid scopes ensures sharper definition across the entire image and well-defined pathologies.
Compatible with a nearly all optical instruments to broaden range of capabilities.
Integrated camera and light system work together in a single unit, to maximize performance.
Durable construction (solid camera housing, reinforced cable rugged system chassis, and LED light source) guarantees long life under continuous use.
Low cost of ownership with new LED technology that will last the life of the camera.
No bulbs to exchange - long lifetime (>10,000 h).
Used to deliver powerful illumination for a variety of scopes from AMD as well as any standard c-mount ACMI, Wolf or Storz attachments. AMD scopes include:
ENT Scope