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pneumatic nebulizer pneumatic nebulizer - AME CN02MH


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Product Description

The AME-CN02MH is a Compressor nebulizer. It is a one of a kind nebulizer that comes with a wide variety of features. Custom made for our patients so that their nebulization experience is as smooth and comfortable as possible.
1) 2 Speed Option - You can adjust the speed of Nebulization from the the chamber itself.
2)Power: AC230v/50Hz or AC 220V/60Hz
3) Medication Capacity: Average Nebulization rate ≥2ml/min (0.2% saline solution)
4) Particle size: 2-10 µm
5) MMAD: 4 µm
6) Noise Level: 60Db A(1meter away from Max Neb)
7) Compressor Pressure: 36 Psi (210-250 KPa/2.1 to 2.5)
8) Auto Timer: Continuous Mode
9) ON/OFF Button
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