ureteral stent / polyurethane

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ureteral stent / polyurethane ureteral stent / polyurethane


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For temporary internal drainage from the renal pelvis to the bladder

Stent features:

Amecath double loop stent is made of polyurethane:

Tecoflex for short term period
Carbothane for long term period


Thermo labile material which softens inside the body minimizing the pain sensation and the sense of foreign body inside the patient.
Biocompatible with long standing period.
Cross section design feature decreases the liability to compression.
Memory free.

Colour coding: blue for Tecoflex and white for Carbothane.
Hydrophilic coating: available option to improve stent application, decrease incident of associated infection and prolong life of the stent.
The material used in hydrophilic coating is specially designed for urinary catheters.