hemodialysis water treatment system / reverse osmosis

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hemodialysis water treatment system / reverse osmosis hemodialysis water treatment system / reverse osmosis - MROZ/Heatsan


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    reverse osmosis


Heat Disinfect Distribution Loop System (MROZ/Heatsan)
AmeriWater’s MROZ Reverse Osmosis can be combined with the Heatsan Loop Heat Disinfection System. When coupled with pre-treatment, this water purification solution provides a complete system for central dialysis (RO is chemically disinfected, Distribution loop is heat disinfected).

Reverse Osmosis

AmeriWater’s MROZ Reverse Osmosis Systems are the best of both; an open frame RO and a cabinet RO. The pump and membranes are mounted on a corrosion resistant, powder coated open frame providing superior serviceability. The controls and hydraulic hardware are mounted in a low profile cabinet with full size door for easy access. Thin film composite membranes provide maximum contaminant rejection while achieving high product flow and low energy use. A microprocessor controller with backlit LCD display shows product and feed water conductivity, product water temperature, operating hours, percent rejection and a variety of operating status messages.

Loop Heat Disinfect

The Heatsan from AmeriWater is an integrated heat disinfection system for the distribution loop with a significant advantage: the ability to adjust operation for each day of the week, heating intervals, holding times and disinfection temperatures. As a result, the Heatsan can save energy and staff time while providing up to 100 gallons of 185°F water for disinfection. Incorporating a PLC controller, the Heatsan is operated by a dual color touch screen displaying alarms, system status, tank level and disinfection temperatures plus a password-protected event log holding up to 12 months of data.