image analysis software / management / control / measurement



  • Function:

    image analysis, management, control, measurement, image capture, medical image import, printing

  • Application domain:

    for ultrasound imaging

  • Medical establishment:

    hospital, doctor's office

  • Other characteristics:



MultiWave is an intuitive user interface with user-friendly command and dialog boxes. In MultiWave, the user settings are selectable and customizable . (user interface, saving and printing modes, measurements and calculations, scanning control in all modes, presets management, cineloop, DICOM programming and storing, etc.)
MultiWave features:

Programmable presets
Measurements and calculations also on stored images and videos.
Archiving and printing of patient files images and video saving including: Scanning Raw Data.
Advanced Telemedicine function with remote control.
Backup and restore of user settings
DICOM Programming and storing