automatic sample preparation system / for histology / tissue / embedding
AEC 380



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for histology, tissue

  • Preparation type:


  • Configuration:



● Easy to learn to operate user interface with smart color touch screen.
● To meet the great demand embedded work, the embedding platform can be arranged at both right and left sides which be controlled performance separately or process embedding work simultaneously.
● It adopts six heating ways and precise temperature control system.
● Embedding module, cold spot and paraffin trimmer are integrated.
● The paraffin flow can be released by manual or foot switch through Electromagnetic valve .
● Forceps holder with constant temperature support the residual wax be drained automatically ,so it can effectively remove the paraffin adhering in the tip of the forceps.
● Embedding mold tray with constant temperature be in favor of removing the wax adhering in embedding mold ,which facilitate the recycling of embedding mold.
● The brightness of LED lights can be freely adjusted according to desired needs.
●The magnifier with metal hose which can be flexibly adjust the position according to the desired needs.
●Safety works. It adopts non-metallic materials for the focus area in contact with the user’s hands in avoid any discomfort caused by contacting heating parts during embedding .