microscope slide scanner
ProScanner APro 5

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microscope slide scanner microscope slide scanner - ProScanner APro 5


  • Type of support:

    for microscope slides


Proscanner APro Series Digital Slide Scanner can rapid high resolution scanning traditional glass sliced into digital chips. The scanning device has an excellent quality, convenient operability and good system integration.

※High quality:
High-precision and high-quality panoramic digital slide images.
Nanoscale positioning accuracy of the stage ensure no loss of trace details.
Adopt a more expensive professional line 3CCD camera, 3 - color with the color channels independently,to ensure more accurate color rendition and image claritys.
Automatic Scanning.
Display scanning progress.
Display the scanning process information.

※Good system integration
Associated with the Pathology Management System, Digital Slide, Cases of clinical findings and Gross examination as a whole viewing digital images is more convenient.
Viewing Electronic Medical Records(EMR) while viewing panoramic digital slide images.
With Remote consultation software to achieve remote real-time consultation.