video data converter / for healthcare IT network
Scanmaxx 4KHD24SD



  • Type:

    video data

  • Applications:

    for healthcare IT network


Ampronix Scanmaxx 4KHD24SD 4K Medical Video Signal Converter

Resolution - 4K, UltraHD, HD, SD

Video Input Connection - HDMI

Video Output Connections - 4K, UltraHD, HD, SD
Ampronix introduces the Scanmaxx 4KHD24SD, designed to meet the connectivity needs of the medical market such as the Zeiss KINEVO 4K camera with it's HDMI output.

Scanmaxx 4KHD24SD has the capacity to convert incoming HDMI single-plug, SD, HD, and 4K configurations which pair with the four 4K HD SDI connectors. These are necessary to plug into the Sony HVO-4000MT 4K video recorder or other video recording boxes that require the same connectivity.

Real time signal conversion provides a clear and uninterrupted picture, allowing for preview and recording of still or streaming images. Scanmaxx 4KHD24SD is equipped with a user friendly illuminated display to signify the devices's current resolution between 4K, HD and SD based on the input resolution. Circular grooves on the top of the 4KHD24SD allow the Sony HVO-4000MT recorder to sit flush on top without slipping.