video data converter / for healthcare IT network
Scanmaxx 4KSC4512G



  • Type:

    video data

  • Applications:

    for healthcare IT network


Scanmaxx 4KSC4512G 4K Medical Video Scaler And Converter
Ampronix introduces the Scanmaxx 4KSC412GH 4K medical video scaler and converter

Scanmaxx 4KSC4512G is a medical 4K scaler and converter which provides an easy bridge for compatibility and has the capacity to convert 12G-SDI, DisplayPort, HDMI single-plug, or 4 x 3G-SDI video signals.

Real time signal conversion provides a clear and uninterrupted picture, allowing for preview and recording of still or streaming images

Scanmaxx 4KSC4512G is the premier auto-sync medical video scaler and converter to upscale images for 4K / 8-megapixel technology. This is optimized for use with many medical recorders.